About us


  • Company Name              Jewel Hayakawa Co., Ltd.
  • President                   Katsuhiko Hayakawa
  • Office                              〒400-0015 Oote2-4-20, Kofu City, Yamanashi, JAPAN
  • Contact                                 TEL. 055-254-2723        FAX. 055-254-2724
  • Capital                       300 million JPY
  • Established               January 26, 2001
  • Number of Employees         8
  • Board Members             Representative Director    Katsuhiko Hayakawa
                                   Director   Naotatsu Naito
                             Auditor     Junko Hayakawa

  • Main Bank                         Yamanashi Chuo Bank, Yanagicho Branch                                                                                              Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Kofu Branch

Company Policy

Love work, devote to it, 

Enjoy and Creative

             Message from the President

Jewel Hayakawa Co., Ltd. pursues the physical and mental well-being of all employees and grows together with their partners. Contribute to the progress, improvement and development of society. Take on the challenge of innovation without being content with the current situation. We are challenging every day with our corporate philosophy as our vision. Since our founding, we have been planning and manufacturing creative jewelry and accessories with the aim of developing new technologies based on traditional technologies. We also accept OEM / ODM production, so please feel free to contact us.

President: Katsuhiko Hayakawa

◇Member:  Regular member of JJA (JAPAN JEWELLERY ASSOCIATION)
                   Regular member of Atelier Group, Yamanami
                              Member of The Kofu Chamber of Commerce & Industry
◇Run a booth at an exhibition: IJT (INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY TOKYO) 
                                      JJF(JAPAN JEWELLERY FAIR)
                                      TOKYO INTERNATIONAL GIFT SHOW

Privacy Policy

Jewel Hayakawa Co., Ltd. complies with laws and regulations regarding personal information. We will take all possible measures in protecting our customers' personal information.

Reason for collecting Personal Information

We will collect our customers' personal information under the circumstances shown below:

  • When receiving inquiry from customer
  • When receiving application for services from customer

Purpose of using personal information

We will use our customers' personal information under the circumstances shown below:

  • To contact our customer
  • To answer questions from our customer
  • To provide services to our customer 

Offer personal Information to Third Party

We will NOT offer and/ or show customers' personal information to any third party. Except for the circumstances shown below:

  • When customer (oneself) agree to do so
  • When police officer or government office require to do so
  • When the law applies to do so

Disclose or Edit personal information

We will certainly comply to customers' request in disclosing, correcting, or deleting his/her own information when told to do so.

Contacts for questions relating to personal information

TEL. 055-254-2723  FAX. 055-254-2724 

E-mail. j.h-9999@juno.ocn.ne.jp 

Jewel Hayakawa Co., Ltd.